Beautiful young woman in bikini near sea on sunny day
Body Contouring Sculpsure

Achieving those Summer body aspirations with Sculpsure

Do you and your partner want to look and feel better than ever next summer? With SculpSure, achieving those summer body aspirations has never been easier. For many who struggle…

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Skin Care

Ditch the double chin

There are a few problem areas on the human body that, for millions of people, simply won’t budge with diet and exercise, no matter how hard they try. Submental fullness,…

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Tattoo Removal

The smart way to get rid of unwanted ink

If you are still trying to cover unwanted tattoos from your past, it’s time to take action. For the estimated 25% of inked Australians who possess a desire to remove…

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Dermal Filler

Lip fillers – What you need to know

Lip fillers still seem to be big news. Have lip trends changed over recent years? If so, how and what has driven the changes? Lip trends have changed a lot…

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Skin Care

Autumn – The perfect time for a skin or aesthetic treatment

As Summer fades and the weather starts to cool down, it’s time to dig out your warmer clothes from the wardrobe and get ready for the lovely Autumn weather. It’s…

aged woman with eye wrinkles
Aging Skin

What causes wrinkles? – 5 things you never knew

People often associate crow’s feet and laugh lines with getting older. After all, as your skin ages, it loses elasticity and can start to show wrinkles and fine lines and…

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Skin Care

Vitamin C and skin care – Everything you need to know

Our skin versus the environment Every day, your skin faces a battle with free radicals in the fight against premature ageing. The best defense against this daily onslaught? Powerful antioxidant…

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Aging Skin Skin Care

Changing Skin As We Age

The following is a Q&A session with Dr Eoin Mc Donnell, Cosmetic Physician, and Dermal Therapist Sam Noske, of Rewind Skin & Laser Centre 1- What are the most common…