Premium Anti-Wrinkle and Chin Filler Procedures in Perth

You can enhance your look with our high-quality and professional anti-wrinkle treatments and chin filler procedures at our Perth clinic. Our staff are qualified and experienced to perform facial procedures in our fully equipped clinic. We use products that have been strenuously tested and certified for professional use. Call our professional team on (08) 6500 1590 to book your appointment today.

Tips Regarding Anti-Wrinkle Injections at Our Perth Clinic

Consider these tips when visiting our clinic in Perth for a wrinkle injection.

  • What are the side effects? Our medically trained staff will minimise the chances of side effects occurring. However, you may experience bruising and pain as a result of the procedure. You will notice that bruising diminishes after a few days, and you can easily conceal it with makeup. Skin creams, such as Arnica, may also help to reduce the bruising effect at the site of your injection.
  • The areas you require anti-wrinkle treatment: There are various areas of your skin where we can inject wrinkle relaxers, including around the eyes, forehead, mouth and more. Consider the areas you require injections and book an appointment to get the work done simultaneously. This planning will save you time and ensure that you have a natural and soft look in every problem area of your face or neck. We can also help to soften your jawline, treat your neck or provide an eyebrow lift.
  • Trained professionals: You will receive anti-wrinkle injections at our clinic by highly trained and qualified doctors. Our staff have cosmetic experience and ensure your comfort and safety while performing the treatment. We help you to enhance your look with natural and fresh results from the injections.
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The Importance of Getting Wrinkle Filler from Perth Professionals

It is crucial that you receive dermal fillers from qualified and experienced professionals. We will ensure that you:

  • Receive your treatment by a qualified doctor: Our procedures are always performed or supervised by a trained and qualified physician. We ensure that our clients receive the best care before, during and after each treatment. Our procedures are carried out using premium products in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Receive an appropriate procedure: Our staff will assess you to ensure that you achieve the results you desire from wrinkle filler. If in our professional opinion, we think that another procedure will better meet your requirements, we will discuss these with you during your consultation.
  • Are medically fit for treatment: We provide a thorough consultation to ensure that you are medically fit to undergo the procedure. It is essential that you are honest with your answers to reduce the risk of adverse outcomes from your treatment.

About Rewind Skin & Laser Centre

We are a doctor-owned and operated clinic that offers premium products and procedures. We provide quality care using carefully researched and developed treatments that are administered to give you a facial rejuvenation with natural-looking results. Contact our friendly and professional staff today to book your appointment.

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