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Tips Regarding Cosmetic Tattoo in Perth

Ensure you know and understand the full process before embarking on cosmetic tattooing. Research the various methods used, pre- and after-care you need to do at home, maintenance, costs, and the pros and cons of the procedure. Here are a few tips to shed light on this interesting topic.

  • Is microblading permanent? This procedure is a semi-permanent solution which requires annual or bi-annual touch-ups, depending on your skin and lifestyle. You will most likely need two sessions, four weeks apart, to correct any minor imperfections and fill in less saturated strokes.
  • How soon will my tattoo heal? It can vary between seven to fourteen days for complete healing and approximately for weeks for the colour to set.
  • Is it painful? The procedure does cause discomfort; we do, however, apply a numbing agent to make the experience as tolerable for you as possible. By using a cream that numbs the skin, you will likely feel pressure, rather than pain.
Before and after Eyebrow Tattoo Perth

The Importance of a Tattooist in Perth for Your Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoos are applied by well-trained cosmetic tattooist in Perth and are often used to camouflage small imperfections and give you back your self-confidence. However, it is of utmost importance that you diligently follow the aftercare instructions your tattooist prescribes. Failure to do so may result in a disappointing outcome to your cosmetic tattooing dream.

  • First 11 days: Your cosmetic tattoo may appear too dark and flaky, but as time passes, it will lighten. Refrain from picking or removing the scabs; you could inadvertently remove some pigment in the process. You need to allow your tattoo to heal by following the exact steps and procedures your tattooist recommends.
  • Next two weeks: Your tattoo may appear patchy; this is why you need to go for the four-week touch up. Call it a fine-tuning session. Do not pass judgement on the outcome of your microblading until the healing process is complete.
  • Realistic outcome: If you have done your research, trust your technician, and follow the procedural after-care guide to the letter, the result could be amazing, realistic and complement your natural beauty.

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The founder of our clinic, Dr McDonnell, has 12 years’ experience as a physician and has been involved in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine for a few years. He performs all laser treatments, thread lifting, cosmetic mole removal, dermal filler, anti-wrinkle injections and facial vein treatments. Our dermal clinicians offer treatments to help you attain healthy, glowing skin, by using well-researched cosmeceuticals and therapies, which are personalised to your individual skin and lifestyle at the clinic, and you maintain at home. Book a consultation with us to discuss your needs.

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