Our IPL Hair Removal System in Australia Minimises Side Effects

Because IPL (intense pulsed light) is not a regulated industry in Australia, there are unqualified and untrained therapists operating IPL machines, increasing the risks of adverse side effect. As always, do your homework, question your service provider on their level of proficiency and knowledge of the machine they intend using to perform the IPL treatment. Call our professional team on (08) 6500 1590 to book your IPL hair removal appointment.

Why You Should Use Rewind Skin and Laser Centre

Our extensive research has led us to use the ICON IPL Laser, which is supported by sophisticated clinical research, and their proven technology is highly trusted in the aesthetic laser technological world. The ICON treats a wide range of skin types and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, scarring, veins and performs hair removal.

  • Non-invasive treatment: Our treatment reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles and stretch marks by delivering energy into the deeper levels of the skin, which stimulates cell renewal.
  • Light-based technology: This excellent hair removal application targets and destroys the hair cells, which are responsible for growth, without harming the surrounding skin. It is also effective on various skin types through quick delivery.
  • Photo rejuvenation technology: This treatment aids in reducing the appearance of sunspots, capillaries and age spots.
Before and after hair removal

The Importance of Laser Hair Removal in Australia

Besides the owner, Dr McDonnell being a laser safety officer, our doctors and therapists are all trained in the correct usage and application of laser hair removal in Australia by the manufacturers of the IPL system we use. It is vital to use ethical clinics and therapists; here are a few reasons why.

  • Less discomfort: Removing unwanted hair by trained IPL therapists and doctors in Australia increases the chances for a successful treatment to lessen the occurrence of ingrown hairs and ensuing infections, which can sometimes be unsightly and painful.
  • Effective: IPL treatment is effective for hair removal on most skin types, with less effort and lower frequency than conventional methods of shaving or waxing. Some skin types may require more treatments, and if your skin is prone to keloid scarring, it may not be suitable for you. Speak to our fully trained and proficient doctors and therapists for more information.
  • Safe: This is a safe hair removal system, and if you diligently follow and exercise the aftercare rules, you should experience minimal discomfort other than redness. Do not entrust this procedure to untrained therapists. It may be safe and non-invasive, but only if properly executed.

About Rewind Skin and Laser Centre

Our skin and laser centre is ethically operated and owned by Dr McDonnell, who has more than a decade’s experience as a medical practitioner. His passion is to proficiently meet your needs by offering exceptional high standard treatments backed by excellent products and researched technology. Cosmetic injectable, laser therapies, beauty treatments and body treatments are just some of the treatments we offer to treat a variety of concerns and conditions regarding your skin.

Contact us if you require any further information concerning hair removal or any other skin treatments. We would love to be of assistance and help you achieve your skin goals.

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