Try IPL Hair Removal in Perth to Boost Your Self-Confidence

IPL hair removal in Perth is a long-term solution to unwanted facial and body hair with little pain and less chance of scarring associated with other forms of hair removal. The use of light pulses causes the root of the hair to die, leaving behind smooth skin and increased poise. Rewind Skin & Laser Centre uses the latest in IPL technology to remove stubborn hair from your face and body, allowing you to exude self-assurance. Call our professional team on (08) 6500 1590 to book your IPL hair removal treatment appointment today.

Background to Laser Hair Removal in Perth

Both men and women have struggled with unwanted hair for millennia. People in ancient Egypt made tweezers out of seashells to remove unwanted body hair. At that time, minimal body hair was a sign of wealth and social position. As technology progressed, so did efforts to find permanent hair removal solutions.

  • Shaving was the most common way to remove unwanted hair, although the process is temporary. Waxing and depilatory creams produced longer results but often caused skin irritation and at times, scarring.
  • Electrolysis was the first permanent hair removal method that produced long term results. The process was unfortunately painful, time-consuming and could produce permanent scarring.
  • Lasers became a new source of hair removal in the mid-1990s using light pulses that damage the hair follicle leading to permanent reduction of unwanted hair. This new technology afforded people a relatively painless and lasting path to hair removal without damaging the skin.
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The Importance of Hair Removal in Perth WA

Using laser hair removal in Perth rids your face and body of embarrassing hair without causing permanent scarring, providing you with smooth skin. Removing unsightly hair offers you numerous benefits, including a permanent solution.

  • You will no longer have to spend time shaving, waxing or using harsh creams that irritate your skin. Your daily regimen will be shorter, and you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your life.
  • Men’s laser hair removal in Perth does away with the 5 o’clock shadow, chest hairs that peek out from under your shirt collar, and back hair that may prohibit you from removing your shirt at the pool.
  • The most significant benefit is more self-confidence. Women, you no longer have to worry about unsightly facial hair or spending hours shaving and waxing your legs. Men, you will enjoy a chest free of fuzz and be proud to take off your shirt at the beach.

Why Trust Rewind Skin & Laser Centre Regarding IPL in Perth

Our goal is to make you look and feel your best with the latest technologies available. Our services will have you feeling more confident in less time and with no effort on your part.

  • Our physician-based clinic provides high quality care using the best equipment for hair removal. The use of IPL to remove unwanted hair provides real results by injuring the stem cells in the hair bulb, causing it to wither and die never to return.
  • We understand how different skin tones and hair texture respond to the treatments and will discuss the duration of the procedure with you to set your expectations.
  • Before beginning any treatment, we will go over your medical history to ensure you are a candidate for IPL treatments. Only when you are comfortable will we begin any treatment.

About Rewind Skin & Laser Centre

We strive to achieve a holistic approach in all our skin care treatments. Our high class of service is delivered by a qualified doctor, ensuring you are receiving professional treatments. We offer a wide range of skin care services in addition to hair removal that helps boost your body image, allowing the world to see the person you want them to see. Give us a call for a consultation appointment to learn more about this revolutionary hair removal process.

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