Experience the Benefits of Laser Skin Care in Perth at Our Clinic

Laser skin care in Perth uses light energy to target tissue within your skin to aid in its revitalisation and health. These treatments can improve the appearance of skin discolouration that you would prefer to eradicate. We can target different types of pigmentation on your body by using various strength settings on the laser machines to tailor the treatments according to your specific skin goals. Call our professional team on (08) 6500 1590 to book your laser skin care appointment.

Facial Lifting without surgery

Prepare for Your Visit to Rewind Skin & Laser Centre’s Skin Care Clinic in Perth

Here are a few ways to help you prepare for your treatment at our skin care clinic in Perth. We will give you some extra pointers and tips when you call to make your appointment, but these will help you get started.

  • Read our informational page about how we approach laser skin care at Rewind Skin & Laser Centre. This page contains heaps of information about the treatments we do, how we do them, the recovery time needed, the types of lasers our clinic uses, and how long the treatments are. If you have any questions, this is a great place to start your preparation for your treatment.
  • Know your medical history. During your initial consultation, we will ask you all about your personal medical history, such as existing conditions, allergies, medications you are currently taking, and medications you have used before. It is essential that we get accurate information from you during the consultation so that we can be sure that each treatment will be safe for you. Also, the answers you give us will help us tailor your treatment to your specific needs.
  • Skin care. Avoid self-tanner, tanning booths, prolonged sun exposure, and be sure to use a facial sunscreen for about a month before your treatment at our skin laser clinic in Perth. Be sure to wash your face every day and use a moisturiser to keep your skin supple. Do not have any chemical peels done at least six weeks before your appointment. If you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters, please let us know as laser treatments can sometimes cause a breakout.

What You Can Expect from our Skin Laser Clinic in Perth

Our main goals are high-quality treatment and excellent customer service for each patient that we meet.

  • Many of our treatments focus on using the power of light to stimulate the body’s natural ability to produce and regenerate more collagen and elastin, which act as the support structures to anchor cells to each other. The collagen protein is what gives your skin its strength and elasticity. Collagen production typically declines as we age, which is why we aim to use the light lasers we have to help your body regenerate collagen as naturally as possible.
  • High-quality, medical grade technology. We want to give our patients fantastic results, which are why we only use top of the line, tested and approved equipment for use on the public by doctors and medical professionals. Each piece of equipment we use is backed by multiple research publications that absolutely anyone can access. Our goal is to be open with our patients and tell them the ins and outs of every treatment they have done.

About Rewind Skin & Laser Centre

Our skin laser clinic in Perth has been operational since 2017, and we always focus on doctor-delivered and supervised treatments to ensure the efficacy of each procedure to give you results that you can see.

Contact us today if you need more information about any of our treatments done in our skin care clinic in Perth.

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