At Rewind Skin and Laser we have several fantastic laser machines that can be used to treat different conditions. In Western Australia, there are very strict laser licensing laws, so for the more powerful laser therapies only a doctor can use them, while the more low powered lasers can be used by trained dermal therapists.

Lasers work by targeting specific tissues in the body; that may be brown colour in pigmentation of your skin, red colour in visible blood vessels on your face, or many different colours in laser tattoo removal. Other lasers target water or fat only and their ability to target only one type of tissue depends on their wavelength and how they are made.

Dr Eoin McDonnell

Dr Eoin McDonnell

High Quality Lasers

It is important to note that there are many different laser brands on the market.

At Rewind Skin & Laser, we have invested heavily in only the best American-made lasers, made by a company called Cynosure in the USA. They spend many millions of dollars every year on research and development and many years getting their lasers FDA approval. All of the lasers that we use have achieved FDA approval in the USA and TGA approval in Australia – this means that they must be safe and they must work. This gives you, the client, the reassurance that when you are getting treated here you are getting the best possible technology.

So what lasers do we have at Rewind Skin & Laser

We have the Emerge Laser, a low level, fractional laser that can be performed by a dermal therapist that is fantastic for skin rejuvenation, improving fine lines and wrinkles, for treating pigmentation and acne scarring.

We have the Picosure Laser, a high powered, doctor-only operated laser. This is an amazing laser for the treatment of pigmentation and melasma, skin rejuvenation, improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and for acne scarring. One of the best things about it when it comes to skin treatments is that it has practically no downtime….no skin peeling, no scabbing, no blistering. People generally go red for a few hours and their pigmentation may darken for a few days but that is it.

The Picosure is also the only laser that clears all tattoo colours including blues, greens and purples, which are traditionally hard to treat. The Picosure clears tattoos, in general, twice as fast as other lasers so it should be your first choice for laser tattoo removal.

If you are looking to reduce some of your stubborn fat, we have the Sculpsure laser. It is unique in that it targets only trouble fat areas and is safe to skin and has no downtime. It is scientifically proven to reduce stubborn fat by up to 24% after each 25 minute treatment. We can treat most areas on the body including tummy, love handles, thighs and double chin.

What IPL do we use at Rewind Skin & Laser

Our IPL system is called the Icon, which uses intense pulsed light, not laser, to treat a variety of skin conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, visible blood vessels and it is also our go-to machine for IPL permanent hair reduction

The Icon is one of the best IPL machines on the market and uses much higher energy levels in a safer way than most other IPL machines. This ensures the best results with minimal downtime and low risk of side effects such as pigmentation changes in the skin.

For pigmentation treatments, normally 2-3 treatments are needed about 4 weeks apart.

For IPL hair reduction, we normally recommend 6-12 treatments for effective hair reduction. The interval between treatments varies according to the site of treatment so may range from every 3 weeks on the face to every 4-6 weeks on the legs or body.

For all of our laser and IPL treatments, multiple sessions are often needed to achieve the results that you want. The reason for this is because the body and skin needs time to heal and recover between sessions. Trying to achieve everything in one session carries too many risks of side effects, scarring and downtime.

Service, Results and Value

For this reason, to provide you with the best service, results and value, we will always offer heavily discounted treatment packages on all of our Laser and IPL therapies, to help you achieve your desired look.

At Rewind Skin & Laser, you can be reassured that the technology we are using is among the best in the world to help you achieve the best results.