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At Rewind Skin & Laser, our philosophy is to give you the best results, using premium products and technology in a safe, medical environment. We have selected treatments which come with higher risks which are performed exclusively by our Cosmetic Physicians.

Whilst Registered nurses and some other health care professionals such as dentists are legal injectors we have chosen to keep our clinic’s injectables, doctor’s only. Our cosmetic physician has extensive training in doing all forms of facial rejuvenation using injectable products. There are rare, but very serious complications to cosmetic injections such as infections, abscesses, nerve damage and in worst case scenario…blindness. We want to give that extra peace of mind that you are in professional care at all times.

You may wish to come in for a consult to meet the doctor and ask questions about the procedures you are planning to have. The doctor will access if the treatment is your best option and talk you through the benefits and risks. A pre consult in clinic is not always necessary, photos can be sent through to us via email or messenger for advice prior to your visit. Doctor consult fee of $80.00 is waived if you are having treatment on the same day, time permitting.  Please arrive before your allotted appointment time to complete your paperwork and prep for your treatment. Please follow all your pre treatment advice for the best treatment outcome. If the doctor decides on the appointment day that there is a reason for your treatment to not go ahead, you will have the chance to reschedule your appointment free of charge.

Things to remember before all doctor treatments:

  • Please call and reschedule if you are feeling unwell or currently on antibiotics/short term prescribed medication. Your healing will be impaired and this will effect your treatment.
  • Avoid taking anti – inflammatory medication for at least 48 hours before your procedure. Please check with our team if you are not sure if your medication is under this classification. This medication will thin your blood which increases your risk of bruising and bleeding and also stops your bodies natural inflammatory response which will effect the efficacy of rejuvenation treatments
  • Stop all topical retinols and steroidal based creams for 48 hours.
  • Make sure you are aware of the down time of your treatment, plan so you are able to take it easy for a few days after your treatment.
  • No heat treatments (sauna/spa/hot shower), swimming or strenuous exercise for 48 hours
  • All our treatments have research and proof of efficacy however realistic results and expectations should be in mind. There are no guarantees and effects will vary from treatment to treatment.



Amber had anti-wrinkle injections

I have had several cosmetic treatments under Dr Eoin McDonnell over the past year and I can not fault the service I have received. I have always felt in safe hands knowing Dr McDonnell has extensive expertise not only in cosmetics, but as a General Practitioner. Dr McDonnell explains the procedures well and I have always felt reassured that only the best products are used on my skin. I love the results of the anti-wrinkle injections and I look forward to attending Rewind clinic many more times in the future!

Amber, Warnbro

Lesley had Picosure facial rejuvenation

I had 4 Picosure laser treatments over a year ago and the difference to my face is remarkable. Prior to having the treatment, I had a sun damaged, blemished face and it is so smooth now. People remark how lovely my skin is, smooth and clear. The treatment is quick and easily done in a lunch break with no downtime. It just looked like I had been out in the sun and I was a bit sunkissed after the treatments but that was gone in a couple of hours.

Lesley, Baldivis

Sarah had anti-wrinkle injections

Core medical has a myriad of cosmetic services that rival any place I frequented in Sydney. Eoin and his team are on the pulse when it comes to the latest treatments and are more than happy to take the time to explain anything about them. I’m so happy to have found this little gem and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Sarah, Baldivis

Kevin had tattoo removal

I’ve had a unwanted tattoo on my shoulder for twenty five years and not been over comfortable with it. I approached Dr McDonnell about having it removed. From the very first laser treatment there was a visual difference and I was impressed with the first result, although the laser treatment is a slight discomfort as of pain but not as bad as when I got the tattoo. After each treatment you could see the physical difference and after a few sessions I’m happy to say that its gone for good.

Kevin, Baldivis

Alison had treatment for Rosacea

I’ve been super pleased with my results! As a rosacea suffer, contacting Dr McDonnell was the best move I’ve ever made towards reducing my facial redness and eliminating all the broken capillaries that accompanied my condition. I’ve been quite blown away by the compliments I frequently get on how lovely my skin is – this is a far cry from how self-conscious my permanently flushed face made me shy away from wanting to go out anywhere. I’d highly recommend this treatment especially to my fellow rosaceans!


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