Body Contouring

Body contouring treatment procedure

Body contouring is a procedure to define and shape the body using either surgical or non-surgical methods.

How do you choose a body contouring method?

If you have decided that body contouring may be right for you, it can be very confusing as a patient to decide on which body contouring method to choose. Every website that you visit seems to offer fantastic results with great before and after photos; how do you trust them?

The answer is to look for and ask for the evidence and science behind it. Many purported body contouring machines and methods are heavily marketed with flashy websites and promotional material but have little evidence to back up their claims.

Before you agree to a treatment, we would always advise patients to ask your medical practitioner about the evidence and science behind the treatment. Has the treatment method or machine received FDA or TGA approval? Has there been peer-reviewed, white papers published about it?

What is SculpSure™?

 SculpSure™ is a 1060nm diode laser lipolysis machine (latin; lipo- meaning “fat” and -lysis meaning “destruction of”). It was designed and engineered in the USA by Cynosure, one of the top light-based energy device companies in the world.

The development of SculpSure™ took 12 years and many millions of dollars in research and development and it is the first laser to achieve FDA clearance in the USA for treatment of stubborn fat of the abdomen, flanks, thighs and back. As a patient this is a very important point; to achieve FDA approval a treatment must (a) be proven to work and (b) be safe.

How does SculpSure™ work?

The laser light emitted by the SculpSure™ device is very specific for fat cells (adipocytes). The 1060nm wavelength of light selectively targets fat cells while leaving the overlying skin undamaged.

During a treatment, the laser raises the temperature of the fat cells to between 42°C and 47°C, causing their membrane to break. This causes the fat cells to die, which are then cleared from the body through the lymphatic system. SculpSure™ has been proven to destroy up to 24% of fat cells in one treatment.

Is SculpSure™ non-surgical

SculpSure™ is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment. It is done by placing the lasers in direct contact with the skin which are held in place using applicators and belts. There is no suction or vacuum involved and no cuts in the skin are needed.

What areas can be treated?

SculpSure™ is FDA cleared for treatment of stubborn fat on the abdomen, flanks (love handles), thighs and back.

We often successfully use it in other areas such as the upper arms but, at the time of writing, these are considered “off-licence” meaning this area has not received FDA approval. The studies on these areas are currently being done but have not yet been published.

How soon can I go back to work or exercise?

The great thing about SculpSure™ is that you can go back to work, exercise or go to the gym immediately. We often have patients who leave our clinic and go straight to the gym or go back to work with no problems.

Is SculpSure™ safe for all skin types?

SculpSure™ is safe to use on all skin types. It is also safe to use over tattoos.

Does SculpSure™ hurt?

In studies done on SculpSure™, average patient discomfort level was rated as 3.7 on a scale of 1-10. At the start of a treatment session, the laser initially cools the skin to about 5°C.

It then gradually heats the underlying fat up and you feel this warming sensation and at most, a “prickly heat” feeling. Most patients tolerate the treatment very well. There is someone with you during the entire treatment.

What happens after treatment?

Directly after your treatment your skin will appear slightly pink and feel slightly swollen which is normal. For several days afterwards, the treated area can feel slightly swollen and tender, much like having done a good workout!

As the fat starts to break down, some people develop small, temporary lumps under the skin; these disappear over the course of a few weeks, helped with exercise and gentle massage. SculpSure™

How soon will I see results?

The fat cells that have been destroyed are gradually eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. You will start to see results as early as 6 weeks with optimal results seen at about 12 weeks.

How many treatments are needed?

To attain your desired look, we always advise “treat to complete”; that is, treat the entire area of stubborn fat to ensure optimal coverage and we also recommend a second treatment 6 weeks after the first treatment. These two factors ensure optimal fat destruction for the best outcomes.

What do “applicators” mean when discussing SculpSure™?

When we talk about SculpSure™, the machine itself has four laser heads, each at the end of a mobile arm. Each laser head can be placed on the body using an applicator, that is fixed in place with an adjustable belt.

Each applicator covers a fixed area. The number of applicators that you will need depends on the area of stubborn fat that needs to be treated, which will be discussed during your consultation prior to treatment.

Some patients may require only 4 applicators for a single area, whereas others might have 12-16 applicators done in a treatment session to cover a wider area.

Is Sculpsure a good treatment for excess skin laxity?

While SculpSure™ does have some skin tightening effect, it should not be considered a primary treatment for skin laxity. The best results are seen in patients who have good “elasticity” in their skin. Similarly, SculpSure™ is not an effective treatment for excess lax folds of fat e.g. an abdominal apron.

Is SculpSure™a good treatment for obesity and weight loss?

SculpSure™ is indicated for the treatment of stubborn areas of fat. It is not a treatment for weight loss or obesity alone, although patients do notice some weight loss.

For SculpSure™ to work effectively and give you the maximum results we recommend that your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be below 31. You can work out your BMI by using the calculator provided below.

How much does SculpSure™ cost?

Size of Area Cost Per Session
Small Area
– upper arms
– upper tummy
– lower tummy
– small love handles
Large Area
– whole tummy
– larger love handles
– inner thighs
– outer thighs

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