Rewind Customised Facials | Custom Facial Inclusions

Rewind Customised Facials and peels

We offer customised Ultraceuticals  facials that  incorporate potent active ingredients, UltraSonophoresis, microdermabrasion, Hydrobrasion, LED  and massage to treat key skin concerns including premature skin ageing, pigmentation/uneven skin tone, dehydration, acne and congested skin.

Express 30 minute Facial


This treatment is perfect for just a quick refresher or if you have limited time and resources but just need a little something. This treatment will provide you a professional exfoliation to brighten, with some infusion to feed the skin or LED to heal and refresh.

Ultra 45 minute Facial


Your therapist will take a look at your skin and discuss your current concerns with you before selecting which products to use each visit. Your skin will be cleansed before your therapists chooses the best form of exfoliation to suite your needs which may be a peel, epi blading or microdermabrasion, followed by sono infusion, massage and LED.

C+ Radiance Boost

$180.00 – 60 minutes

Combines the synergy of Vitamin C and Brightening ingredients to help visibly improve the appearance of skin firmness and resilience, leaving the skin with a luminous glow. Perfect treatment for dull and devitalized skin, loss of firmness and pigmentation.

B2 Hydrate and Refresh Performance Facial

$180.00 – 60 minutes

A super hydrating and soothing facial suitable for all skin types. This facial includes a customised Lactic Peel which removes dead skin cells and stimulates hydration before our B2 Hydrogel sheet mask is applied.  Relax with a neck and decolletage massage as your mask works its magic.

A-Zyme™ Peel

$185.00 – 45 minutes

A-Zyme™ Peel is a Retinol (Vitamin A) peel that has an added exfoliating ingredient, Bromelain which is a fruit acid to help brighten and provide overall rejuvenation to the look of your skin. Suitable for Normal, oily or dry skins with signs of premature skin ageing, sun damage or uneven skintone. You can expect to have some light shedding for 3-7 days after this treatment.

Ultimate 60 minute Facial


For or MD users or someone looking for a more intensive treatment. Customised facial which may include a double exfoliation, sono infusion, massage and LED.  This treatment is perfect for a total skin boost.

A-Zyme™ & Glow

$210.00 – 70 minutes

A-Zyme™ Peel is a Retinol (Vitamin A) peel that has an added exfoliating ingredient, Bromelain which is a fruit acid to help brighten and provide overall rejuvenation to the look of your skin. Our potent brightening mask will then be infused to lift pigment and brighten your skin leaving it fresh and glowy. Suitable for All skin types with concerns of premature ageing, sun damage, pigmentation and scarring and devitalisation/dullness. You can expect to have some light shedding for 3-7 days after this treatment

Aspect Power Peel

$350.00 – 30 minutes

Aspect Power Peel is a unique 3 step system (2 steps in clinic 1 take home product) that contains a powerful blend of Kojic acid, Mandelic acid, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, Retinal and Emblica. The actives work synergistically to deliver improved skin texture, clarity and visibly brighter skin. This treatment is on the more intense side with step 1 being a 50% Glycolic Peel, the second step then gets applied to the skin before you leave the clinic. Step 2 must be left on the skin for 6 hours before you wash it off and apply Step 3.  Skin will feel tight and slightly sensatized with moderate shedding lasting 7-14 days. You will continue application of step 3 nightly until the product is finished.

Best results come after a course of 3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart commencing 7-10 days after your completion of step 3.

Perfect treatment to reset your skin, remove sun damage and uneven skintone, lighten Melasma and scarring. Not suitable for Fitzpatrick Skin type 5 and 6 or sensative/compramised skins.

Ultraceuticals Treatments

Using Ultraceuticals products, including the doctor exclusive MD range our dermal therapists will customise a treatment for you every visit with your concerns and goals in mind.

Our dermal therapists will have a thorough consultation to you prior to treatment to access your skin health, learn about you and your concerns and come up with a strategy on how to achieve your skin care goals. A full product prescription will be provided with your service to help you look after your skin at home and aid the journey of in clinic treatments to assure the best results.

Our Facial treatments are charged by time frame and can include the following modallities

Full Greenline and MD line products/Microdermabrasion/Hydrabrasion/Epiblading/Ultraceuticals Skin Peels/Ultra Sonophoresis cleansing and infusion/LED.

From first time facial goers to the most advanced skincare users our highly skilled Dermal therapist will adjust the intensity of treatment to suite your needs..

Custom Facial Inclusions

Our goal is to deliver the best skin results a facial can offer. This is why we have decided to customise our treatments for each visit with no extra charges for each machine or product used.

The following is a list of modalities which may be included in your service.  Feel free to communicate with your therapist if there is anything you specifically would like to have in your treatment.

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Gentle exfoliating gel and Microfoliant are basic physical product exfoliations which use a combination of grit and acids to lift dead skin cells and renew the skin, these products  are available for home use.

PHA Refining Solution is a mild hydrating peel (Polyhydroxy Acid) containing a skin-identical acid (gluconolactone) that rejuvenates all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  • Refines the surface of the skin, leaving it looking plumped, rejuvenated, brighter and glowing.
  • A gentle treatment,  ideal as an introduction to first-time peel guests with no to minimum downtime.   Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Mandelic Acid Peel utilises AHAs to quickly decongest, clarify and help control oil production. With proven anti-inflammatory ingredient Niacinamide and potent antioxidant Clove Oil, this peel improves surface congestion and helps soothe skin inflammation.

Lactic Acid peel is an AHA that delivers fast results and actively works to resurface and improve skin’s moisture levels while restoring clarity and luminosity. Perfect for dry and dehydrated skin

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical form of exfoliation where we scrape to gently remove surface debris and skin cells and vaccuum suction stimulates circulation to the area to plump and feed the skin.  May be followed up with a peel for more intense treatments

Hydrobrasion uses the same key actions as microdermabrasion with the extra option to infuse  peels and serums into the skin at the same time.

Epi Blading is using a sterile surgical blade to gently remove dead skin cells and vellous hair (peach fuzz) from the face, great exfoliation for sensative skins or those who flush up red easily. This treatment will not make your hair grow back thicker although as we blunten the base of the hair it will feel slightly rough/thicker when the hair grows back through. Oily skins may feel slightly oiler due to having no hair for the oil to wick off as it grows.

Brightening Accelerator Mask is used to combat discolouration of the skin due to sun damage,Melasma and skin lacking vitality. Features a combination of AHA’s, BHA, Niacinamide along with a powerful blend of brightening agents to help resurface the skin and restore clarity and luminosity. May be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types. This product is only available in our Ultimate 60 minute treatments.

Ultra Sonopheresis

Using soundwaves this device vibrates the skin cells apart allowing us to extract impurities from the skin and infuse products 1000 times deeper than we can with our hands. Active ingredients are delivered deeper into the skin for instant and longer lasting results after your facial. A maximum of 3 products can be infused into your skin during each treatment.

Xen LED Phototherapy

Our medical strength LED uses different optimized wavelengths of light to rejuvenate, regenerate, purify, calm as well as enhance skin texture and tone. This treatment timing is dependent on the intensity of light emitted, be mindful that freckles and pigmentation may appear darker directly after treatment but will revert back within the following hours. LED  (Light emitting Diode) is perfectly safe and used to heal and regenerate the skin, not to be confused with UV (Ultra Violet) which can be very damaging to the skin.

Red & Infrared – Used to stimulate the skins naturally occurring regeneration and repair process. The initial affects you will see are a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion. After a course of treatments you will see improvements in your skintone, clarity and texture. This treatment is also great for muscular aches and pains.

Blue – Purifying and anti-bacterial effect on the surface of the skin. Blue light eradicates bacteria that could cause inflammation during break outs.

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For best results of in clinic treatments, our team will always prescribe you homecare products that will help you address your concerns and maintain your skin.

Your skincare routine can be as easy as cleaning and protecting daily or advancing to active serums day and night. We will always take your time and budget into consideration and tailor a routine that you will follow. Ultraceuticals products are high in active ingredients and delivers the vitamins and nutrients into the cells where it can make changes to the skin.

If you need products and you are unable to come in store please click on Shop Now and select Rewind Skin and Laser as your store location for online orders and deliveries right to your door. The key to good skin, starts at great skincare.