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Our Philosophy – Naturally Beautiful

Our philosophy is to offer clients the highest quality service, using premium products and technology to deliver you the best possible results.

Part of our philosophy is to get you looking your best and giving you a natural refreshed look, without looking “done” or “fake”. We want your friends and family to tell you “wow, you look amazing” and not “have you had some work done?”

To get you looking your best, we use only products and technology that are backed by rigorous research and development and our staff are trained to the highest standard.

Our Experience

I myself have been a doctor for 12 years a GP for 7 years. I have done a lot of training in skin cancer medicine and cosmetic medicine under various renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Our dermal therapists have over 20 years of combined experience in skin care and dermal treatments and can offer you the best treatments using our premium Ultraceuticals products.

We look forward to being part of your skin care journey and getting you the best results possible.

Meet the Team

The Rewind Skin & Laser Centre provides an experienced team of medical professionals. Here you can find out more about our senior staff:

Dr Eoin McDonnell

Dr Eoin McDonnell

Dr McDonnell is the founder of Rewind Skin & Laser Centre. He has been a doctor for 12, a GP for 7 years and has been involved in skin cancer and cosmetic medicine for several years.

He set up Rewind Skin & Laser Centre to meet the need of clients who want a premium, doctor-led clinic that offers only the highest standard of care, with the best products and technology.

He has trained with several renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeons including Dr Niamh Corduff and Dr Brett Sillars in Melbourne who are leading trainers in advanced injectables.

Dr McDonnell performs all laser treatments, advanced dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections, thread lifting, cosmetic mole removal and facial vein treatments.



Jennie has been in the beauty industry for 15 years and has completed multiple diplomas and certificates.

In this time she has honed her skills in all aspects of face and body care. Jennie is passionate about helping clients achieve their skin goals, with the right combination of treatments and homecare so that everyone can love the skin they are in.

Jennie offers honest and personalized care to every client.



Virlyn is the newest on board at Rewind Skin & Laser Centre. She completed a beauty course 9 years ago at the Australian College Of Beauty Therapy.

Cosmetic Tattooing is what Virlyn is the most passionate about. The transformation it has on her clients is what drives her to be the best she can be when perfecting brows.

Virlyn is feeling blessed to have come on board with the Reimagewind team and look forward to continue learning and growing as a beauty therapist/ dermal therapist.

Our Technology


Cynosure continues to be an industry leader in energy-based systems representing advanced levels of solid state liquid and semiconductor technologies. We are constantly looking forward to stay one step ahead of the industry while bringing patients and providers the latest in treatments.


The world’s first Picosecond aesthetic laser which uses optimal wavelengths for treating pigmentary concerns and skin rejuvenation, with the added capability of tattoo removal. This high power, non ablative laser provides great results with minimal down time. Used for
    • tattoo removal
    • Skin rejuvenation – plumping and tightening of the skin
    • Scar removal
    • Removing blemishes / pigmentation / sun damage / photo ageing
    • Minimises pores and reduces wrinkles and fine lines


Radio Frequency technology which offers pain free skin tightening and leaves the surface of the skin looking smoother. Used for
    • Skin rejuvenation – plumping and tightening of the skin
    • Minimises pores and reduces wrinkles and fine lines


Fractional laser stimulates the skins natural healing by creating channels of microtraumas through the Skin. Healthy tissue will grow to replace the damaged tissue resulting in healthier, younger looking skin with minimal down time. Used for
    • Skin rejuvenation – plumping and tightening of the skin
    • Scar removal
    • Removing blemishes / pigmentation / sun damage / photo ageing
    • Minimises pores and reduces wrinkles and fine lines


Non invasive body contouring system which uses laser to destroy upto 24% of fat cells without surgery. Used to improve the contours of the body by reducing stubborn fat. FDA cleared and TGA listed to reducse fat in the belly, love handles, back, thighs and under the chin view more

Icon™ – Max G & Max R

Icon is a multi use light therapy platform. MAX R – pulsed light technology for permanent hair reduction MAX G – uses state of the art pulsed light technology to treat a wide variety of concerns. Used for
    • Skin rejuvenation – plumping and tightening of the skin
    • Scar removal
    • Removing blemishes / pigmentation / sun damage / excess pigment
    • Minimises pores and reduces wrinkles and fine lines
    • Removal of redness, broken capillaries and damaged vessels
    • Treats Rosacea

Fractional 1540

Fractional 1540 – advanced non ablative fractionated laser which has the capability of remodelling and stimulating collagen 5mm deep right down to the connective tissue. This treatment is ideal for more advanced wrinkles and deeper scars. Used for
    • Skin rejuvenation – plumping and tightening of the skin
    • Scar removal and stretch mark removal
    • Gradually Removes blemishes / pigmentation / sun damage / excess pigment
    • Minimises pores and reduces deeper wrinkles and lines


Amber had anti-wrinkle injections

I have had several cosmetic treatments under Dr Eoin McDonnell over the past year and I can not fault the service I have received. I have always felt in safe hands knowing Dr McDonnell has extensive expertise not only in cosmetics, but as a General Practitioner. Dr McDonnell explains the procedures well and I have always felt reassured that only the best products are used on my skin. I love the results of the anti-wrinkle injections and I look forward to attending Rewind clinic many more times in the future!

Amber, Warnbro

Lesley had Picosure facial rejuvenation

I had 4 Picosure laser treatments over a year ago and the difference to my face is remarkable. Prior to having the treatment, I had a sun damaged, blemished face and it is so smooth now. People remark how lovely my skin is, smooth and clear. The treatment is quick and easily done in a lunch break with no downtime. It just looked like I had been out in the sun and I was a bit sunkissed after the treatments but that was gone in a couple of hours.

Lesley, Baldivis

Sarah had anti-wrinkle injections

Core medical has a myriad of cosmetic services that rival any place I frequented in Sydney. Eoin and his team are on the pulse when it comes to the latest treatments and are more than happy to take the time to explain anything about them. I’m so happy to have found this little gem and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Sarah, Baldivis

Kevin had tattoo removal

I’ve had a unwanted tattoo on my shoulder for twenty five years and not been over comfortable with it. I approached Dr McDonnell about having it removed. From the very first laser treatment there was a visual difference and I was impressed with the first result, although the laser treatment is a slight discomfort as of pain but not as bad as when I got the tattoo. After each treatment you could see the physical difference and after a few sessions I’m happy to say that its gone for good.

Kevin, Baldivis

Alison had treatment for Rosacea

I’ve been super pleased with my results! As a rosacea suffer, contacting Dr McDonnell was the best move I’ve ever made towards reducing my facial redness and eliminating all the broken capillaries that accompanied my condition. I’ve been quite blown away by the compliments I frequently get on how lovely my skin is – this is a far cry from how self-conscious my permanently flushed face made me shy away from wanting to go out anywhere. I’d highly recommend this treatment especially to my fellow rosaceans!


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